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Polly Harder, trainer and counselor for 25+ years, has seen the damaging, dead-end effects an unhealthy soul plays in a person’s life. Medical professionals, researchers, and scientists all agree an individual’s ability to achieve a life of happiness and success is directly related to their health. The billions of dollars we spend each year for dieting aids, vitamins and supplements, nutritional products, and organic foods only prove their point. We are cleansing every part of the body to rid ourselves of the parasites and other toxins that have gathered and flourished there for years. Addressing these areas can be beneficial in prolonging life and offering a higher quality of health in your life.


Even with all the “detoxing” programs, balanced nutritional diets, and highly sophisticated workout equipment available to strengthen our bodies today, there is still one vital area we severely neglect. This area is so powerful its very foundation, all by itself, can bring us to our knees and cripple us from ever reaching our full potential. What could have this kind of effect on us? It is our soul.


The soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. Everything we desire to communicate, whether it’s in the form of a verbal or physical presentation, starts with a thought. Medical doctors confirm the exact moment a thought enters the brain it simultaneously creates an emotion. This in turn creates a response, which is then filed into a system of memory cells. What this means is when life’s traumas and difficulties play such a key role in an individual’s life, they may not be able to accurately process the fearful, negative, disappointing thoughts that continually swirl through their minds. As a result, their soul becomes so clogged or bound up that it is no longer capable of hearing what has actually been said. How each individual hears, perceives or interprets, and then analyzes their thoughts becomes pivotal in the success of their communication and their overall health.


It is the soul that dictates your every action, good or bad. As a result, the soul has the ability to change your future. Your soul ultimately has the power to determine your destiny. When it is contaminated with negative self-talk, lies, beliefs, and mis-beliefs, consciously or unconsciously, you will continue to make the same choices, which create the same ‘no win’ patterns. In affect, “YOU” become your own biggest problem.


                             So how do you unclog your soul filter?


                             How do you determine which beliefs are true, and which beliefs are lies?


                             How do you discover what is hidden in your unconscious realm that is trying to sabotage you?


                            How do you change your thinking from fear to faith for the future?

This is where my expertise and years of counseling/training come into play. I can help you identify your foundational beliefs and teach you new and powerful techniques for change. You will also learn ways to keep you empowered so you don't fall back into the same unproductive routine. 

Each of these areas is specifically and uniquely designed. They are thought provoking, and they allow you to investigate the inner resources of your soul. These sessions will educate you and provide sound medical and scientific information to further help you understand “YOU.”




Isn’t it time you reach your full potential?


Isn’t it time you finally understood the real you?


Aren't you ready for a new and exciting life-change?


You can do this! It is possible for you to change the “what has been” in your life and turn it into the “what will be.”


Remember … Everything starts with a thought! 

                                     Contact me for your personal and confidential information:



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